Opening Our Eyes When It Hurts

We tell stories based on how we see the world. We choose our ideals according to what feels most comfortable to us.  And then, we sort of ensconce ourselves in our bubbles of thought, shutting out ideologies that feel uncomfortable. But what happens when someone inside our bubble says something we don’t like? Or when someone in a different bubble is saying something that needs to be heard? Can we step outside of ourselves and listen?

Science of bursting bubbles has its bubble burst -

If I believe that the dozens of women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault have a right to be heard- If I believe the women who accused Brett Kavanaugh had a right to be heard- then I believe Tara Reade’s accusation of Joe Biden should also be heard.

The stories are there if we want to open our eyes and ears. And perhaps they’re worthy of being believed, even if it means that come November, we’re left with no one to feel good about when we go to the voting polls.

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