PTSD-Healing Cell By Cell

For me, the nightmares and hyper-vigilance that comes along with having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder feels like I’ve been beaten up on the inside of my body. That’s the only way I know how to describe it. At the same time, it feels like I have no skin–no barrier of protection from all the stimulus in the world.

Along with my need to ease the anxiety with proper medications, taking the time to nurture myself in healthy ways helps me heal. With PTSD, it feels like every cell in my body has been affected by the trauma. So I like to think of healing in terms of “healing cell by cell.” When I take my medicine, I’m nurturing my brain cells. When I breathe deeply, I’m healing my heart. When I take time to create and have fun, I’m healing my spirit. And when I rub olive oil on my toe cuticles and feet, my body receives the message: you can walk on through this life.

The following article from Huffington Post gives further food for thought on ways to heal.

With Love,


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